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We provide unforgettable action-packed events for you and your friends or colleagues. With a wide range of options to suit any and all needs, we pride ourselves on creating engaging and unforgettable experiences. See below and choose yours!

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A themed game requiring players to complete riddles and conundrums in an allotted time in order to succeed. Or as we like to call it, not fail.  

You can attempt it solo or do it as a team. We can cater for anything upto 250 people per event and upto 8 events per day. That’s potentially 2000 people in a day

It all depends on you. We give you either 30, 60 or 90 minutes to complete the game. The goal is to complete the game before your time runs out. The fastest time is the best time. Challenge yourself!

Our bookings are all private bookings by default. That means nobody else will be joining you unless you intended them to be there. Even Uncle John.

Yes. A pen, some paper and sense of adventure.

We have various options for all ages, there’s certainly no upper age limit. If booking hosted events for children under the age of 12 then an adult will be required. Don’t worry, there’s no requirement to be smarter than said children.

Be sure to have a stable internet connection and ideally be using Chrome or Edge browsers. If working from company laptops or tablets, you may need to request permission to allow the game from your IT department. Promise them a comic book, IT guys love comic books

When are you available? Seriously, we have close to 100 staff running events 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We host events to every city, country and continent.

What do you want? A Prize. Because we’ll give it to you. Just speak to one of our friendly staff about our high-stakes escapes. Reach our leaderboard and automatically receive prizes.

Please take this seriously.



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